Proposal: CoolNets 2014

The SIGCOMM workshop proposal deadline is coming up. But the community already has many workshops devoted to popular hot topics and multiple sessions on SDN at every top networking venue. Here's my proposal.

CoolNets 2014: The First Workshop on Cool Topics in Networks

The First Workshop on Cool Topics in Networks (CoolNets 2014) seeks papers describing totally groovy contributions to the field of computer communication networks that are not related to presently anointed hot topics. We invite submissions on a wide range of networking research, including, but not limited to, results which are awesome, neat-o, nifty, keen, swell, rad, da bomb, badass, and slick as a greased herring in a butter factory, while being refreshingly orthogonal to:

  • software-defined networking
  • cloud computing
  • content-centric networks
  • virtualization of networks, network functions, and machines
  • big data

Submissions on the above topics will be held without review for five years, and then fast-tracked to a prestigious journal unless IP-based QoS has achieved 80% deployment. Such submissions are considered not cool, dude.

Strong submissions may break ground in new research directions, reveal insights about longstanding problems, develop alternative solutions whose clean design will have lasting value, forge connections across fields, deconstruct misconceptions, contribute solid technical advances in important areas, or build networked systems that are just pretty darned cool.

Multi-part series of totally tubular papers will be considered.