Google Frequency Plotter

Here's an app version of this xkcd comic that lets you plot the frequency of phrases according to Google searches.

for _ in
Enter a range like 1-10 or
a list like monday,tuesday,wednesday

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Some examples below the fold.

Sanity checks

How convenient.


[Thanks: Bryan]

Most frequent birth year: 1982

What you've got

Mind your phone


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Disclaimers: The number of search results reported by Google's search API is known to be occasionally bogus and is not a reliable indicator of anything in particular. Also, there's some bug here if you do a range query with only a single value. Finally, an exclamation point in the status message indicates an error in one query or the lack of any results.


  1. I think this one's a good predictor of a recession:

  2. Don't do what I say...

    In upcoming runoff for Brazilian presidential elections, the two candidates are Dilma Rousseff, from the party in power, and José Serra, from the opposition. According to polls, Rousseff leads by about 5%.

    Results for: "I will vote for _" :,0,6800&chxt=x,y&chxl=0:|na%20dilma|no%20serra&chbh=a,0,2&chs=400x300&cht=bvg&chco=A2C180&chd=e:cP..&chtt=Google%20results%20for%20%22vou%20votar%20_%22

    Results for: "Vote for _" (imperative):,0,11600&chxt=x,y&chxl=0:|na%20Dilma|no%20Serra&chbh=a,0,2&chs=400x300&cht=bvg&chco=A2C180&chd=e:..RR&chtt=Google%20results%20for%20%22Vote%20_%22

  3. Nice, Brighten!

    But what I really take away from this is that xkcd is far too influential among CS professors.

    -the guy with a signed xkcd map of the internet on his door

  4. Rodrigo: weird. Results also vary somewhat if you search for "_ is my favorite number" vs. "my favorite number is _".

    Dave: well ... no comment.

  5. Furbabies vs. pets:

    So assuming most of those pets are mammals, most people don't use the abominable term "furbabies". Phew.

  6. Percentages without context are interesting:

  7. Tomorrow I will:

    but today I did:

  8. Just a comment, this data would be much better featured as a bar graph. Using a line graph mistakenly implies that the data is continuous. E.g. the value for "I have 3.5 children" is not really the average between "I have 2" and "I have 3"