Vote Tuesday!

6-year-old Tuesday Muse raised money for Japan with her artwork, and now she's totally excited to be in the Name of the Year competition. But she's in a tough match against Joe Shortsleeve. Why not help her out? Vote Tuesday Muse for Name of the Year!

NOTY has a strong ballot of 64 names this year — including Yolanda Supersad, Dr. Loveday Conquest, Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson, and Mercedes Bunz, who, some readers of this blog may be interested to note, has penned a history of the Internet.

As long as I'm linking...

Donate to Japan disaster relief
MathJax: Beautiful math in all browsers
A visualization of the speed of light
Post-it note monsters
Our CS building at Illinois
Scott Aaronson's ad for theoretical computer science
How real people react to that Stringy Haired Ghost Girl from The Ring or maybe The Grudge (via Philip Levis)
"It is immediate from the definition that a given classical watch may have several extensions into a mustard watch, whereas given a mustard watch W' there is only one underlying classical watch W from which W' is derived." (via Jeff Erickson)

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